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Volkswagen Cargo Liner for Dogs

Custom Volkswagen Cargo Liners that protect from dog hair, mud, or scratches. We partner with Volkswagen dealerships to custom make each Volkswagen Cargo Liner. The Volkswagen Cargo Liner fits perfectly to your Volkswagen, and protects the back of your Volkswagen seats whether you drive any model of Volkswagen. Hand made to line your Volkswagen's cargo area, folding seats, and Volkswagen cargo area side protection.

Volkswagen Pet Cargo Liners

Line your SUV's floor, sides, and folding seats and travel with your dogs.

How We Make Our Volkswagen Cargo Liners

Ruff Rugs partners with vehicle dealerships in our area to custom fit each cargo liner and trunk liner for these brands: Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Toyota, and Volvo. Every Volkswagen cargo liner is made-to-order to ensure a perfect fit and seamlessly right overtop of your vehicle’s carpet, without restricting access to any cargo area storage compartments or features. Volkswagen Cargo Liners are created using state of the art technology for design, color matching and production.

Volkswagen Cargo Liner Material

We make our Volkswagen Cargo Liners with a double sided waterproof vinyl so pet hair, dirt, and spills wipe right off. The underside of our material is made with cloth and velcro to keep your pet comfortable and keeps the cargo liner in place. The topside contains waterproof high end vinyl to prevent water from seeping into the carpet. Durability is key to prevent nails or scratches to your Volkswagen's carpet.

Rear Volkswagen Cargo Area and Folding Seats Protection

VolkswagenCargo liners that cover the carpet of the trunk floor and folding seats are available for many Volkswagen's. Each cargo liner allows vehicle owners to fold their seats up or down. Each trunk liner is perfectly designed to cover every carpet area of your Volkswagen. Whether you need to transport plants, groceries or construction materials our Volkswagen Cargo Liners are designed with your Volkswagen's floor space in mind.

Volkswagen Cargo Liner and Bumper Protector

Add even more vehicle protection by protecting the bumper of your Volkswagen. Each cargo liner offers attachments to attach bumper covers. When dogs jump in and out of your vehicle's cargo area, they can often scratch the back of the bumper. We created an attachment to our cargo liners and trunk liners to add on additional protector to the bumper.

Volkswagen Cargo Liners with Sides

Ruff Rugs offers custom fit cargo liners with side protection to prevent spills and scratches to the cargo area. Volkswagen Cargo Liners with side protection are perfect for SUV owners that enjoy camping, kayaking or other outdoor activities. Vehicle owners often find they need to protect the side of their Volkswagen to prevent muddy paws, dog hair, and scratches when hauling pets.

Travel with Dogs in Your Volkswagen

Dogs often have muddy paws and shed leaving a mess behind. We made every Volkswagen cargo liner waterproof and tough so if it becomes messy, just wipe it down with a wet cloth.


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