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Zoom Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner
Zoom Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner
Zoom Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner
Zoom Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner
Zoom Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner
Zoom Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner
Zoom Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner

Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner

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Ruff Rug Pet Liners makes custom cargo liners for dogs. Our cargo liner for dogs are made specifically to cover the back of your cargo area and folding seats to protect the vehicle's carpet from hair, spills, and smells. All pet cargo mats are waterproof and come with optional padding. Padding covers the cargo area and fold down rear seats.

Custom Made for Every SUV

Vehicle Year
Add Sides
Orthopedic Cushion
Bumper Cover
Color: Black

Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner

Made from a heavy duty double sided vinyl, the Ruff Rugs Dog Cargo Liner covers the entire cargo space and back of the folding seats. With optional padding or protective sides, our custom dog cargo liner fits every SUV perfectly and made specifically for dogs.

Best Sellers

Toyota 4Runner Side Door Covers

SUV Cargo Liner with Sides

Pet hair sticks to everything and it doesn't matter if you have a dog or not, dog hair is everywhere. With our Dog Cargo Liner with Sides, you can keep that pesky dog hair off of your suv seats forever. The custom cargo liner will fit perfectly into any SUV and has optional side panels for those big dogs who shed constantly.

Side Features

Custom Fit Pet Cargo Liners

We partner with local SUV dealerships to custom make and custom fit every pet cargo liner. Having a custom made suv cargo liner is important because it perfectly lines every seat and curve of your vehicle. Each suv cargo liner comes with cargo area protection and back of the folding seats protection. Additional side and bumper flap protection is also available for rear bumper protection. Our dog cargo liners will prevent pet hair, mud, and scratches in the cargo area and fold down rear seats.

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Padded Cargo Liner for Dogs

Ruff Rug Pet Liners makes optional padded cargo liners for dogs. Every custom cargo liner for dogs is custom fit for the cargo area and comes with optional padding for dogs. Each padded pet cargo liner is a quarter inch and made for the custom cargo area liner.

Padded Cargo Liner Features

Cargo Liners with Folding Seats

Each cargo liner is made to protect the car's interior, entire cargo area, and back of the folding seats. Each cargo liner allows vehicle owners to fold their seats up or down. Custom back of the folded seats is important because vehicle owners need to fold these seats up or down in order to use their cargo space. Whether your vehicle has a two rows or three rows, captain or bench seats, each cargo liner will fit it's exact specifications.

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Waterproof Cargo Liner for Dogs and Mud

Our dog cargo liner helps waterproof your cargo area by adding a layer over your carpet in your vehicles. Dog hair is a major problem for many people. It sticks to carpets and makes them difficult to clean, it tracks mud in and makes your car smell bad, and it won't stick to smooth surfaces so you can easily vacuum up the hair with a quick sweep of the floor. Made in the USA dog car liners are made with high-quality vinyl that is extremely durable and non porous so dog hair or water will never seep through it. Each waterproof cargo liner is custom made specifically for dog owners.

Protect Trunk Or Cargo Area from Scratches

Dogs often jump into the vehicle from the back cargo space and can scratch the bumper. Ruff Rugs created an extra bumper protector to save from scratches . Our dog cargo liner has a bumper protector that is adjustable to your vehicle and protects the front of the custom cargo area liner. You can easily attach it or detach from your cargo liner depending on the size of your dog and how they enter the car.

Cargo Cover for Every SUV

Each cargo cover is custom fit to line the floor or sides or your SUV. To find your cargo cover, simply search for your vehicle, and input its configuration. Custom fit to the custom cargo area liner. Additional protection for your cargo cover is available upon checkout including a bumper flap or cargo liners with sides. Our dog cargo covers are waterproof so they can be wiped down if they get dirty on the floor, bumper flap, or sides. Our dog cargo cover is a great addition to any SUV because it allows you dog owners the chance to take their furry friends with them on road trips.

Based on 34 reviews
Side covers

Would not stick at all!!! Literally feel right down

Great Fit & Look

The product was customized to fit my Telluride and looks great.

The Ruff Rug cargo liners were very easy to install and fit our Telluride nicely. We were disappointed that we received them without the cut out spaces, as we would like to be able to lower our 3rd row seats and install a forward facing car seat with the tether anchor. We selected many upgrade options at checkout (the bumper cover, the side liner, and the orthopedic foam). At the time of our purchase the cut outs were not an add on, as they are now, and the cargo liner was described as having the cut outs. I reached out a couple of weeks ago, but customer service has not been responsive. Overall the quality of the product seems nice, but the customer service is lacking.

Great quality and perfect fit

Great liner!

I got this liner for my 2020 Kia Telluride. My previous liner was from the dealership and was difficult to use when I needed to put the seats up and down (which is frequently with my kids and carpools). My favorite feature is the split in the liner so one seat can be up while the others down. It took less than 3 minutes to install and has already been useful after hikes with my dog. The back got completely muddy and with a damp rag I was able to wipe it clean in minutes. Highly recommend this product!

I haven't used it yet.

Jeep GCL

Overall I really like them. Really well made. Lower rating because on the left and right medial side of the split seats, the Velcro was stitched in a wrong place to me. The Velcro is on the back on the seat and the back slide piece. If i have it stick down where it straddles this junction I would not be able to lift the seats.

A recommendation to the very back cargo area. Put the 3m tape on the other side of the seams and eliminate the very rear 3m tape. the piece that covers the cargo lid use straps to go around it to hold the mat down. The straps like the ones on the seats. This way you can remove the panel without having to undo the Velcro.

X3M liner

I gave it 5* because the quality of the liner seems fantastic. I do wish there was a single piece option the protects the entire rear/door trim/ and partition similar to the dirtydog liner in my Jeep. I realize it would be more expensive, but I would be willing to spend more for it.

Dog Bed Cargo Mat

This product is well thought out and immediately upgrade the free padding. I don't need a dog bed back there anymore and the mat keeps dog hair out. Would suggest.

So far product is as advertised. Need time to see how it stands up to elements and dog activity.

High Quality

The material is really thick and sturdy. It did ship without one of the wheel well covers but all I had to do was email customer service and it was on its way out the very next day. Overall very satisfied.

GREAT Product EXCELLENT Customer Communication

Ruff Rug cargo liner is the best liner on the market. But that isn't even the best part. The customer service is outstanding. They are quick to answer questions and follow up per the online chat. Highly recommend for quality product and quality company culture.

Bumper Cover (Detachable)

BMW X3 Cargo Liner

My new BMW X3 Cargo Liner arrived this week and surpassed mu expectations. Your company has been very accommodating and pleasurable working with. Thank you.


I love my ruff rugs- fits my car perfect; looks great and is very comfy for my pup

Hyundai Palisade Cargo Liner & Cargo Mat

Fit perfectly, protects my car from the dogs jumping in and scratching the bumper.

Protects the Bumper

The bumper cover definitely protects the bumper. Like the cargo liner, it is easy to install and clean. I never detach the cover and because of that, I wish it was vinyl double-sided. I tend to just fold it up after the dogs are in the back and of course they've stepped on the backside of the vinyl or the bumper has been wet when they've gotten out, so it's a different kind of dirty from the side that you can easily wipe off. Otherwise, it's definitely saving the bumper from the steps I use to get the dogs into the car or or the dogs' nails.

Easy to Install/Clean - Protects the cargo area!

I have had the cargo liner and padding for a couple months now. It was really easy to install and it matches the light interior of my Palisade really well (cream). I like the cutouts for access to the safety hooks for tethering my two large dogs. Cleaning is easy and I have already wiped it several times after muddy jaunts to the dog park. When I ordered these mats, the liner sides did not exist for the Palisade just yet. I will definitely order them once they are available in cream!

Easy to install and clean

I have had the cargo liner and padding for a couple months now. It was really easy to install and it matches the light interior of my Palisade really well (cream). I like the cutouts for access to the safety hooks for tethering my two large dogs. Cleaning is easy and I have already wiped it several times after muddy jaunts to the dog park. When I ordered these mats, the liner sides did not exist. I will definitely order them once they are available in cream!

Great product and service

Product provided was of high quality. The service and shipping were reliable and on time.

Great product

Product was customized to fit the car well and looks great. Customer service was a delight to chat with as well,

Love it!

Stands up to a German shepherd and keeps my Jeep looking nice and clean.

Amazing Cover and Great Customer Service

I am so impressed with these covers. We purchased the entire set up for the cargo area of our brand new 4-Runner. It works perfect for our black lab and german shepherd. It keeps the plastic safe from dog nail scratches and is so easy to wipe clean compared to a fabric liner. On top of it being an excellent quality product, their customer service is unbeatable. We had questions and a couple tweaks we had to make which resulted in us e-mailing Ruff Rugs. The responses we got back were thorough and they did whatever they could to help us. Don’t hesitate to purchase this if you’re looking for a sturdy cover to protect your vehicle. Thank you Ruff Rugs! Our girls are thrilled to be able to ride along with us!

Great customer support and a nice cover for my CRV

I got the 2022 CRV hybrid and wanted more than just the floor cargo bed covered. I wanted the back of the rear seats to be protected as well. I haul things quite often and use the full capacity of the rear cargo space. The first rug that was sent was wrong. I contacted Ruff right away and they sent me the correct one with return shipping label for the wrong one. Easy, fast and friendly service! I filled my back with big terracotta pots last weekend and not a scratch or scuff anywhere thanks to the Ruff Rug. Easy to install and keep clean. Looks good too. Thanks Ruff rugs!


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