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Waterproof Dog Cargo Liner Materials

We make our Waterproof Dog Cargo Liners with a double sided waterproof vinyl so pet hair, dirt, and spills wipe right off. The underside of our material is made with cloth and velcro to keep your pet comfortable and keeps the cargo liner in place. The topside contains waterproof high end vinyl to prevent water from seeping into the carpet. Durability is key to prevent nails or scratches to your SUV's carpet.

Water Resistant

Double Side Vinyl

Our Cargo Liners are made with a tough, double sided waterproof material. Underneath is a heavy cloth and above is a waterproof vinyl.

Dog Cargo Liners


Tough and Durable

Our materials can withstand nails and scratches keeping your SUV's carpeted floor protected.

SUV Cargo Liners

100% Protection

Custom Line Your Floor

Every SUV Cargo Liner is custom made to line the cargo area floor and back of the folding seats.

How We Make It


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