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How Do Detailers Remove Dog Hair?

Driving around with your furry companion is always a fun time, but having to get any dog hair out of your car may not be. Luckily, having your pet in the car does not mean that your car needs to suffer from dog hair. There are many ways to get dog hair out of your car, and we have some tips and tricks for you from professional detailers. Continue reading down below to learn how to get your car looking fresh again with these dog hair removal tricks.

Of course, preventing dog hair in the first place is best so take a look at our cargo liner for dogs.

Prepare for the Dog Hair Removal

Since dog hair can intertwine with trunk fabric, getting the hair out of the car is complicated. You need to prepare the space by using a compressed hair inlet. One thing that you can use is a hairdryer. Using the hairdryer to blow compressed air on the fabric's surface will encourage the dog hair to come out of the fibers.

Once you have prepared the space, you’ll be able to use the following methods to get the hair out of the car.

Static Electricity & Balloons

Do you remember that when you blow in a balloon, rub it on your head, and when you slowly lift it – your hair stands up? This trick can be used to get pet hair out of your car. You need to grab some balloons and rub them on your car’s interior. Afterward, move it over the hair, and it will slowly begin to rise.

You will then be able to pick up the hair in a ball and dispose of it. This isn’t the best method, but it can be helpful when you need to be quiet or need some extra help loosening up the strands.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves aren’t just handy in the kitchen or the garden; they can also be used when you’re trying to get pet hair out of your car. All you need to do is thoroughly wet the outside of your gloves and then spray a little bit of water on the areas with pet hair. Then, begin to vigorously rub the gloves on the surface so the hair will come out of the fabric.

You’ll notice that a lot of the hair will stick to your gloves, so grab a bucket of water and dunk your gloves in there to help get the hair off. This will be easier than trying to roll the hair up into balls. Continue this method a few times before allowing your car to air dry for a few hours.

A Vacuum & Pet Brush

A pet brush is always a good way to get dog hair out of any fabric. You need to spray some water on the hair and then use the pet brush to clean up the hair. The brush will help bring the hair out of the fabric, so you’ll have an easier time vacuuming it up.

However, you need to remember that a pet brush usually has hard and narrow bristles. There is a possibility that the brush can damage your upholstery, so make sure that you grab a pet brush that is softer than your standard one. That way, you’re less likely to harm your car.

Dog Hair Protection Tips

Even though you now know how to get dog hair out of your car, you might want to follow some of these dog hair protection tips because you’ll be able to stop a load of hair from sticking to the insides of your car.

Brush Your Pet

Before taking your dog into the car, remember to brush its fur. This will get any excess hair off of it.

Seat Covers

There are many really good seat covers you can purchase to help protect your car from dog hair, sand, and more off of your upholstery. However, be careful when removing the seat cover because you don’t want everything to fall off and onto your seat.

Travel Carrier

Travel carriers are always a fool-proof way to minimize the amount of dog hair that will get on your seats.


There are many tips and tricks to getting your dog's hair out of your car. Also, many of them are used by professional detailers because dog hair removal can be tricky. Luckily, anyone can get it done.


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