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How Do I Dog Proof My Car?

How Do I Dog Proof My Car?

We say dogs are man’s best friend but what kind of friend is man? There’s no doubt that as a dog lover you’d want to ensure the safety and comfort of your furry friends in and around your home; and that goes for inside and outside dogs alike.

Of course, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life we spend a fair bit of time outside our humble and not so humble abodes - work, school, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments etc. With all that traveling being done, naturally a convenient mode of transportation is needed right? Well, that’s where these marvelous machines called automobiles come in. Cars do an excellent job of getting us from point A to point B and that’s no secret – they have a great PR team after all. It’s normal for us to carry our friends in our vehicles but what about our canine companions?

Surely, dogs in the front or back of a car tagging along for the ride are happier than ones left in the yard or staring longingly through a house window. However, the idea of having your dog in your vehicle does give rise to a few concerns like comfort and safety for both you and your precious cargo. Before you have to pay for a massive detailing, check out these suggestions.

So how do you go about dog proofing your car? Well, you’ll be relieved to know that since humanity is no longer in the dark ages you have a few options available to you including, but not limited to, cargo liners, seat covers, and dog barriers. Here are some tips that will help make traveling with Fido a breeze:


Cargo Liners

No matter how well behaved your pooch is, their fur will still decorate your vehicle’s interior, paws will still track dirt, mud, and other remnants of their former environment, while their claws may damage the upholstery. With more anxious or enthusiastic pets, things can get even messier. What about their toys, leashes, poop bags, water bottles etc.? Well, like the name suggests, cargo liners provide protection for the cargo area of your station wagon or SUV, but many also come with ample storage compartments.


By tackling all these issues at once, they are kind of The Avengers of vehicle dog proofing. If you didn’t understand that reference, it’s okay because luckily dog proofing your car doesn’t require prior knowledge or understanding of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are so many cargo liners on the market that you should have no problem finding one or several to suit your needs.


Dog Hammock

Not everyone has a vehicle with a designated cargo area, and you can’t keep your dog in the trunk…well you shouldn’t anyway. For situations like this, you can easily set up a dog hammock in the back seat area for your furry friends, and you’ll want to get types based on their tendencies. Being made of waterproof, comfortable and durable materials are some of the things you may want to consider when looking to make a purchase.


Waterproof Car Seat Covers

While not as encompassing as cargo liners or dog hammocks, seat covers get the job done when it comes to dog proofing your car. Waterproof seat covers made of durable materials will tick the boxes of upholstery protection against regular doggy messes like fur, slobber, pee and poop, while also defending against claw and teeth damage.


Dog Barriers

The main goal of cargo liners, dog hammocks and seat covers are comfort for our canine companions and protection for our vehicle interior. A win-win right? But add pet anxiety into the mix and you could end up with a very stressful and dangerous situation for both dog and owner. Generally, it’s not as hard to keep bigger dogs from roaming the vehicle but smaller pups might try to get between or under the seats. Installing a dog barrier fixes this issue by keeping them from getting to the front.


Let’s be Our Dogs’ Best Friend

Remember that the whole purpose of dog proofing your car is to make traveling easier, safer and more comfortable. It isn’t one size fits all so it’s important to choose the options that are right for you and your travel buddy. Dog proof responsibly.